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We Believe In Sharing Our Culture

It’s important to share culture because, as much as we know about each other, we still have a lot to learn. In my more cynical moments, I realize that it really is a matter of life and death. We’re exploring the stories of people who are moving across this world, and they have nothing. They’re leaving war. To think about it, culture is a way to sustain people in the worst times, and culture is a way to lift us up in our best times.

I think that now, more than ever, the sharing of culture is important. The way we do it at the Festival is pretty special. It’s chaotic, and sometimes schizophrenic and hard, but every day when I leave here, I think about what we did together, and how it’s just one gesture that I hope will open a window to a world for a child, or enable someone who’s an older adult to think about their life in a different way and the community that she or he came from as having a different kind of meaning and impact.

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